Friday, September 11, 2009

First Day Goodies!

I love to give little gifts. I enjoy surprising people with fun, yummy treats. I always try to pull a little something together to give to my daughters teachers the first week of school. My friends call this my "kiss-up" gift but the teachers seem to appreciate the gesture so I continue to do something small all throughout the year. It is never expensive and just takes a few minutes to put together.
I found these really cute tins at Michaels on clearance for $2.00. I then went to the dollar bin that was 40% off that day and found a few Crayola note pads and task clips. I already had the popcorn at home and found a candy bar with a little girl on the front for 2/$1.00.
I was making chocolate covered pretzels for my oldest daughters teachers so I put a few of them in to boot. Of course, the Juicy Fruit was a steal at .25. I just printed their names on card stock and glued the card to a popsicle stick and Voila.

How fun is that!

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