Friday, April 29, 2011

My new favorite room!

What is more frustrating than a trashed up closet? Everytime I walked into my closet I became anxious! I mean look at this mess - I am rather embarassed to put this out in bloggerville but this is my life. As you can see I did attempt to organize my shoes but couldn't get past all the boxes. If you think this is crazy you should have seen it after my 5 year old took out each and every shoe from the boxes that lined the entire floor.
Needless to say, something had to be done..........................

I approached my fabulous man with my closet vision. It only took a few moments of "bottom- lip-quivering pouting" to melt away his resolve. (And yes, my children are learning from a master!

So, off to Lowes for wood and screws! I am a shoe lover! I couldn't believe how many old pairs of shoes I got to throw away during this process. I now get to go fill in all the holes left by my purging!

There is nothing sexier than watching the man you love work tirelessly to please you! God has given me such a precious gift in my husband.

I didn't take long to put up the shelves. Caulking and painting was another story!

I love, love, love this man!!!

Here is the first glimpse of my new shoe shelves. He built one tall section for boots!

I found these great jewelry boxes at TJ Max - my favorite store! They are so smart looking and now I can actually find my costume jewelry.

Shoes a plenty, shoes galore! (Just in case you are visiting this site and don't have children the correct title is Pigs a plenty, pigs galore!)

I really don't mind heading to my "prayer closet" anymore!

I plan on getting a small zebra print bench to go under the mirror. I mean a girl needs a place to sit while deciding what shoe to wear! I also think above the mirror I will hang black and white pictures of my girls playing with my shoes!

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