Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blinging up the Cast!

I am dedicating my blog to my sweetie pie, Rebekah! As many of you know she suffered a stroke in utero that left her with Cerebral Palsy. This requires a whole new world to navigate through as a child and mother. One of the many things we get to share is a bi-yearly trip to the Hospital for Botox treatments. She receives many injections in her arm and leg, with subsequent casting of the lower extremity to stretch out her spastic muscles. (No, I do not get to get any of the extra Botox, just in case you were wondering.) Anyway, we have struggled with cast for most of her life. Casts are hard, ugly, difficult things to decorate. We have been through many phases and colors with the castings, but have finally come to grips with the necessity of this inconvenience! Now it is just an opportunity for glam on a whole new playing field!!
We have settled in on a color and typically spend our evening working on a beautiful light blue cast. Imagine our shock and horror when the cast technician said he was out of Carolina Blue. Well, army green and hot pink were NOT options and so we had to go with the dark blue. Okay, dark blue is a color that has been banned from my childhood due to my mother growing up in Chapel Hill. Now the trickle down effect has occured with my daughter. We could not, would not, settle in on a dark blue cast. Something had to be done............

A trip to Conference store and Michaels just about did the trick!

But then we realized there are some people who need a little more direction and may still be confused by the color of the cast. So it was off to my mothers for an embroidered patch........

A few crystal sparkles hot glued for good measure, a ribbon toe ring, and Voila!

(Sorry for the blurry picture but don't you just love the Ribbon toe ring! I have way too much free space in my gray matter!)