Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Morphing!

I love Christmas! Who doesn't love to transform their home into a flurry of color and greenery. There is nothing more peaceful than a roaring fire and the soft glow of fading Christmas tree lights, while listening to Nat King Cole.

Here is the beautiful stocking my mother made with loving care for my daughter, Rebekah.

I usually use quite a bit of ribbon in my decorations and this year was no exception.

Here is a look at my finished mantle. I am looking for the perfect large candles to hang beside the picture. I am also searching for a beautiful picture of the Nativity to hang during Christmas.
I started collecting Dickens village pieces several years ago and quickly ran out of room. My husband made me a table to display the village on. However, now I don't have any more room so I have had to stop collecting. The new pieces are adorable but I don't have enough house for all my wants!
Here is my small display. One day I will have a porch like Susan's to fill with all my pretty things!
My bannister is short but that has not stopped me from glamming it up! My poor family can't even hold on anymore. The Christmas season doesn't last that long, right? I tell them it is all for the cause of Christmas!

Here is the most beautiful decoration in my home. It also happens to be the most precious to me and the one that brings me the most joy!

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Merry Christmas