Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heaven on Earth!

What is it about the ocean, so powerful, yet peaceful at the same time? It is such an amazing force the we can never understand.  There are depths to the ocean that have never been reached.  When you stand by the sea and hear the roar why does it not bring fear instead of calm?  For me, it is the way of My Lord.  I can't even begin to fathom His depths, His power, His strength, and where I should be afraid, I am filled with love and peace!  The time I spend by the ocean with my family is precious to me.  
 I not only get to feel His power by the pull of the waves and the wind on my face but when I look into the innocent, sweet smiles of children.
Emma is growing to love the ocean as much as I do.  I remember playing on this very beach as a child.  I remember how big it all felt!
Here we are playing and laughing, just enjoying being a family.
I think I am going to blow up this picture and place it somewhere in my home, so that when life gets tough I can rest in the moments God has given me!
Toes in the sand!!!!!!!!!!!
My girls playing with their cousin and having a blast on the beach!

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