Thursday, May 5, 2011

Smore's in a Mason Jar!

What do you have for dessert when you live in the South and you are itching for summer. Smore's in a mason jar would be the answer. You can find anything in Bloggerville. The other day I ran across these yummy treats and knew I had to try them.
Make sure you have plenty of milk when you serve these sweet treats!

My little angel needs to learn a few social skills. I'm thinking we will work on these before she starts dating (or maybe we won't!)

One jar will easily feed two but as you can see Rebekah felt she could finish one off all by herself.

Perhaps 8:00pm, after AWANA, on a school night, was not the best time try out this new recipe! However, life is short and precious, kids are only little for a while, and a tummy full of chocolate will always bring sweet dreams!

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