Friday, January 7, 2011

Hot Pink Flower Power!

I love to duplicate things I see in bloggerville! I saw a post not that long ago on making fabulous flower embellishments. I had to give it a try! I started with biscuit cutters. Yes, that is a strange way to begin but they are perfect circles and graduate up in size.

I then found some hot pink taffeta and began the transformation. Can you tell I have little girls? I mean, I just happen to have some hot pink taffeta hanging around. Then I cut my circles out and made sure they were ironed. (Later, I found out that the ironing step is really not that necessary depending on how you want your petals to look.)

After the petals are cut you simply use a lighter to burn the edges and the fabric will flip up nicely at the edges. Layer the petals, pop a jewel in the center, and voila, you have an adorable flower to put on anything you please. I used velcro dots to adhere mine to this shirt so that I could remove it for laundering. Also, when the shirt gets stained (as all white shirts do in my house) I can just place the flower on a new bright white one.

I then layered another flower with organza and made this precious hair clip. My daughter was so excited! She couldn't wait to show off her new hot pink doo at school!

I am going to be making these for every little girl I know! Isn't is too cute!

Just perfect for a rock star!

Isn't this is a sweet little girl!

Okay, then I thought to myself "I want one," so I found some black lining in the closet and began working more magic. The lining fabric curled up much nicer than the taffeta! I didn't have any organza for this one but I have since been to the store and my next one will be much fluffier!

Playing around with my camera! I love anything in black and white!

Happy Crafting and don't forget to check out all the great Pink Saturday posts at How Sweet the Sound!


  1. Love your flowers. Great job on them.

  2. What a lovely pink post and your little girls look beautiful with the roses.
    Happy pink Saturday

  3. The pink flowers are very beautiful. I made some of these out of felt and attached them to headbands for my grandbabies. I love the look of the one that is gray-I'll be trying that one. Great job.

  4. Hi Jill -- Thank you so much. I do love these flowers. And thanks for taking all the experimenting out of it. I mean we know we need biscuit cutters and no ironing and don't forget that lighter; that lining works better than taffeta and organza is great. I might try the lining and taffeta combo and I'm interested in putting the flowers on some headbands I am knitting "in the loom" I was going to add a knitted flower, but I might try a combo of the flowers too. I love contrast and different textures. Believe it or not these may work good on synthetic velvet with the burning -- I can't remember if its the real velvet or the synthetic; might need to google that as far as burning on velvet And no wonder WE keep stuff stashed away; you never know do you -- I think I have some velvet on hand. Terri --

  5. I would have never thought to use those cutters, but they are perfect for the job. The flowers are lovely and so is your daughter. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  6. What a cute flower Jill. It looks really easy to do. Your little model did a great job. Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. Very cute flowers and adorable model