Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Porch!

I love Spring! Who doesn't? God performs His most fabulous symphony during this season. Everything comes alive and reminds us that He is always at work. His beauty can't be crushed! In this season of my life God is teaching me so much about life and peace, contentment in the little things, and joy.

I had decided in the bleak days of winter that I was going to pay some attention to my front porch as soon as the weather would permit me to do so! When we built our house, as a young couple without a clue, I knew I wanted a porch. You know, the rocking chair/swing porch, the kind you read about and see in the movies. Where Southern ladies sip sweet ice tea, while lounging around in their cotton sun dresses! (I think I have seen too many episodes of Designing Women- I have often imagined myself to be Susan Sugarbaker!)

I did get a nice porch but I have neglected it for other things! I wanted to make sure that this year it recieved a little TLC!
I started with a few hanging plants and accented with black furniture!

I found this at the farmers market and fell in love with it. I had no idea what it was but the blooms were tissue paper thin. The saleswoman said it loved full sun and did not like alot of water. I thought, wow the perfect plant for me! It only took me two weeks to kill off all the blooms and take it down.
This is the most precious bloom in my yard. Isn't it beautiful! It is a flower that grows sweeter by the day. It takes alot of TLC and perfers chocolate over water. I have been tending this particular flower for four years and it is, without a doubt, my favorite!

I love to blog hop and saw alot of ideas for my bench. Some character was definitely needed here.
So I found a beautiful tablecloth at TJ Max for $10.00 and proceeded to cut it up to make a bench cushion. I had enough material left over to make a matching cushion for the rocking chair and will soon be making a pillow for the swing! Love that matchy, matchy!

I then found some table napkins that were on clearance for $3.00 and whipped up two pillows! My mother has an embroidery machine, so I had her stitch one of my favorite verses for all to see when they enter my home.

Next, I found this table at Good Will for $30.00. It was an ugly yellow, but I saw the potential. What can't be fixed with black spray paint?
I am still working on the finishing touches! I have gotten a rug for under the table and finally have some ferns hanging. I found these wonderful iron baskets for $6.00 and filled them with verbena. They fit right over my railing.

There is still work to be done but I am pleased with the start!
I love to sit out here at night and listen to the sounds of a Springtime night in the country.

Sorry for the blurry picture! Boy do I need a new camera!

Thanks for stopping by! Next time call first and I will have some of that Southern sweet tea ready! Don't forget to visit more outdoor fun at A Southern Daydreamer.


  1. Your porch looks so lovely! Enjoy those peaceful nights!!

  2. Hello Jill,

    Your porch looks very lovely and inviting! I like the pillows you made. I miss having a porch like that. The precious bloom you have been nurturing for four years is adorable!

    ~ Tracy

  3. What a lovely space you have created for your family. I hope that you share many special moments there.

  4. Hi, Your front porch looks so lovely and welcoming. You have taken so many things and paid attention to details and it all came together perfectly. I love your favorite "bloom", so adorable!

  5. Very pretty porch! Love your coffee table redo. Your very fortunate to have a mother who can do your embroidery!

  6. I LOVE your porch! I know I'm not supposed to covet, but girl - it's gorgeous!!! Visiting you from Metamorphosis Monday.

    Punkin Seed Productions

  7. Oh wow! I adore this project. What a wonderful metamorphosis.

    Please stop by and see my project. It only took 23 years to complete.

  8. Oh my goodness, Jill! It looks like a movie set! Can I come over some night to sit with you? lol. Thanks for sharing!


  9. This seriously needs to be in a movie. This is like the quintessential dream porch. I love what you have done - the black furniture and the pillows. I had to laugh and think we must have been separated at birth because I ma the President of the Plant Killers Anonymous Club. :)l

  10. This looks absolutely divine, Ms Sugar Baker! I do think you will enjoy it all summer...it's really lovely.

  11. Jill your porch is lovely, as warm and welcoming as you. The yard is great too :) VERY nice work.

  12. You have a gorgeous porch, and I never would have guessed that you built the house...I thought it was an old farmhouse! Love all the pink flowers!

  13. Jill, what an inviting porch! Beautiful flower and little girl, too! Love that glass top table and the bench and cushions.Well done! Linda (I added my sunflower as a follower)

  14. The plant you killed was a bouganvillea. (pronounced bo-gun-vee-uh). But please, don't feel bad, the only place they really thrive is Phoenix. So it's really more a suicide than homicide. Your porch is darling, comfy and very, very inviting.

  15. Oh, I love love your porch! You made it look so pretty and inviting! Love the pillows you made...I really need to learn to sew.

    Your trip to Disney looks like a great trip...we need to make it back.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment on my fairy garden.